Strike B6 (30/10/2006)

B6The second consecutive strike targeting Ayman al Zawahiri in Bajaur levelled a madrasa, which some officials claimed was a militant training camp. One alleged militant died in a strike that killed scores of children. It was the highest death toll in a strike recorded by the Bureau and it sparked outrage across Pakistan. The army blamed the CIA, having first said it was responsible for the attack. The change of tune was down to the level of collateral damage, a senior aide to General Musharraf said. The attack came on the day Islamabad was to sign a peace agreement with Bajaur Agency militants. The strike “sabotaged the chances for an agreement” according to a former ISI Director General. More information on this strike. Picture copyright AFP/Getty References: The News, Dawn, CNN, BBC, Washington Post, ABC News (archived), NBC News, Family Security Matters, The Sunday Times (paywall), The News, Economist, The News,, Long War Journal, New York Times (AP), The Sunday Times (paywall), The News, New York Times, Bureau, Inter Press Service, Washington Post, New Statesman, The News, The News, Asia Times, The News, The News, Asian Human Rights Commission report 2006, BureauBushOctober - 200630/10/20062006634.805556, 71.466667ChenegaiBajaur AgencyYesYes81838280828168706933379Abdul Waris - Strike B6Abdullah - Strike B6Abdus Samad - Strike B6Adnan - Strike B6Alam Nabi - Strike B6Ameer Said - Strike B6Asadullah - Strike B6Azizul Wahab - Strike B6Baacha Rahman - Strike B6Bakht Muneer - Strike B6Darvesh - Strike B6Fazal Hakim - Strike B6Fazal Wahab - Strike B6 (1)Fazal Wahab - Strike B6 (2)Ghulam Nabi - Strike B6Gul Sher Khan - Strike B6Hizbullah - Strike B6Iftikhar - Strike B6Ihsanullah - Strike B6Ikramullah - Strike B6Ilyas - Strike B6Inayatullah - Strike B6Inayatur Rahman - Strike B6 (1)Inayatur Rahman - Strike B6 (2)Ismail - Strike B6Jamroz Khan - Strike B6Jamshed Khan - Strike B6Jannatullah - Strike B6Khalid - Strike B6Khalilullah - Strike B6Khan - Strike B6Kitab Gul - Strike B6Luqman - Strike B6Mashooq Jan - Strike B6Mashooq Khan - Strike B6Maulvi Khaleefa - Strike B6Maulvi Liaqat - Strike B6Mohammad Salim - Strike B6Mohammad Yaas Khan (Mohammad Yaar Khan?) - Strike B6Mohammad Yunus - Strike B6Mohammd Tahir - Strike B6Naeemullah - Strike B6Naimatullah - Strike B6Najibullah - Strike B6Nawab - Strike B6Noor Mohammad - Strike B6 (1)Noor Mohammad - Strike B6 (2)Numair - Strike B6Qari Abdul Karim - Strike B6Qari Almzeb - Strike B6Qari Ishaq - Strike B6Qari Sharifullah - Strike B6Rahatullah - Strike B6Rahmatullah - Strike B6Razi Mohammad - Strike B6Saeedullah - Strike B6Saifullah - Strike B6Salman - Strike B6Shabir - Strike B6Shafiullah - Strike B6Shahbuddin (Shahab Uddin?) - Strike B6Shahjehan - Strike B6Shakirullah - Strike B6Shaukat - Strike B6Shehzad Gul - Strike B6Shoaib - Strike B6Siraj - Strike B6Sohail - Strike B6Sultanat Khan (Sultan Khan?) - Strike B6Talha - Strike B6Taseel Khan - Strike B6Wali-ur-Rahman - Strike B6Wilayat Khan - Strike B6Yahya Khan - Strike B6Zabihullah - Strike B6Zaheeruddin - Strike B6Ziauddin - Strike B6Ziaur Rahman - Strike B6 (1)Ziaur Rahman - Strike B6 (2)

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